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14000 pageviews last month

Posted on Feb 7, 2010 by in Daily Life | 0 comments

I started this blog for my friends and family to look at and now, somehow or another, I get about 14,000 pageviews a month. Thanks for looking.

You’ll notice that I don’t post often — usually only when I have something interesting to say (unlike today). I try and post photos of travel, and these get picked up by google pretty often. For some reason, Gum Wall Seattle is searched all the time, as is The Bachelors Ball (1, 2), and LOTS of hits on how to create the effect from that movie 300 (here, and here). I oddly see quite a few searches for “punk violin” — which seems very random, but comes up almost daily. Other popular searches cover Honduras and El Salvador, the Honey Cone, and the houseboats in India (and here).

Apparently Tripbase liked some of the travel photos, and sent me a pretty graphic for the site. Thanks, Tripbase.

Tripbase Travel Photography Award

Tripbase Travel Photography Award

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