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Punk violin…

Posted on Aug 20, 2007 by in Daily Life | 11 comments

Punk Violin Player

“Punk violin” … not two words that are usually used together. But last week I had the opportunity to shoot Nina .. and it was one of thoes “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” days. I heard I was going to shoot a violin player. But the violin player came in with a mohawk and a very punk attitude.

It showed me not to prejudge anything … she was talented, intelligent and sweet. And brave … it wasn’t an easy shoot — and her first — but she made it happen. (She was bodypainted with a violin across her back … it took hours and hours … makeup artist Keri doing an amazing job.) Here are a couple of pictures:

Punk Violin 2

(Yes … she WAS wearing clothes in this one … we were just strategic about the placement of everything:)

Punk Violin

Oh … and I haven’t forgotten … I need to do the photoshop tutorial on how to create a destroyed photograph. Still to come…


  1. She might be talented, but she makes a mistake I’m also trying to avoid. I’m learning to play the violin (it’s a tough instrument to learn by the way!!!) and lifting up your pinkie in the air like that is a no-no. My teacher gives me a “red alert” signal every time I do that… :p

  2. I am thoroughly intrigued. I love punk, and classical instruments and would love to her what this “girl” has to offer. I did a quick search but didn’t come up with anything. Is there any way for you to tell me who this is?

    btw- great imagery here!!! I stumbled upon it while doing research at work. Thank you for sharing your talent and your tutorials.

  3. This picture of the punk and violin with her pinky up… did you take it? If so do you have a high res version to possibly use for a client of mine?

  4. Dear Jason,

    I have a new website dedicated to jazz music, and I just got a contribution from a friend of mine and jazz critic (indeed he’s the editor of – -, a portuguese jazz magazine for which I alo write). The text he sent me is about the violin and it mixes the instrument with sex and many wierd ideas and thoughts. I thought that the photos on this page would be the ideal complement for the article, and I would thus like to ask you if I can use any of them. Thank you in advance.

    Best wishes,

    Paulo Barbosa

  5. I too am intrigued, like Nicole, about the actual violin player (without any discredit to the shoots, which are quite good, especially the last one). Does this violin player have a website we can visit, or somewhere where we can hear her play?

  6. Great posting, thanks a lot!

  7. Dear ana..
    Not to be rude, or contradict you, but your wrong.
    I play the violin(not just learning,but I ‘play’) and a pinky up isn’t really that big of a deal, and definitely does not classify as a “no-no”.
    And I would just like to add a side note, I am punk, and I know a lot of punk violinist, not that rare of a thing

  8. Who is Nina? I can’t find her on google. Ashlyn do you care to shed some light on some good punk violinists????
    Thanks lesley :)

  9. Hey guys, if any of you want to use these pics or hear me play at some point im happy to show you my stuff on itunes. contact me on facebook!

  10. I’m fairly new to both the violin (less than a year of playing) and photography. But I was intrigued by this photograph as to how you created the shot. Did you use some kind of macro lense or is this just a depth of field adjustment with aperture, fstop, and shutter speed?

  11. Hi, Jeff! That first photo was just a shallow depth of field using an aperture of around f2.8 or so. Thanks for asking!
    – Jason


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