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The Bachelor’s Ball

Posted on Feb 25, 2007 by in Daily Life | 3 comments


Once a year for the past 102 years, The Bachelors has hosted a “fancy dress” (meaning costume) Ball in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to the 100th Ball, and even more lucky to be asked to be a member. (I think it helps to know the membership guy, Alan Peterson! Thank you, Alan.) (cont. below photo … oh, and I’m the third one from the left)


The 102nd Ball was 2 days ago — Feb 23, 2007 — at The Beverly Hilton. What an amazing night. First there was a cocktail reception, in apparently the “virtues” room. It had angel wings floating up high, and was mostly blues and light colors. Then, around 10 pm a curtain pulls back to reveal a hugh ballroom — the Vice theme of Virtues & Vice — with seating for around 600, and there are cirque-du-soleil style performers coming down from the ceiling … red flames (lighting) licks the walls … neon flames grace variour areas of the room … a live band is playing … smoke machines fill the air with a mysterious fog… it was incredible. The band starts playing the Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil,” and the band is perfect, high-energy, sounds just like -whoever- they are covering, and the evening truly kicks off. We are seated next to a table of devils … and all I know is, LIFE IS GOOD.


Our table theme was Venetian Carnivale (think “Eyes Wide Shut” type costumes), and the group was amazing. Thank you all for being there… and if you weren’t there, I’m sorry … there’s only so much room. Maybe next year!



  1. hi,
    i was just researching info about the costume balls thrown by the Bachelors. i see that you wrote a little about attending the last ball and joining the club. i am interested in the same. can you put me in contact with the right people?
    [personal information removed]

  2. nice description! These are amazing events, I was fortunate enough to photograph the event last year and again this year! I believe the images you have on your site are ones I took… although I took around 3000 pictures its hard to keep that many in your memory bank.
    Anyways, I’m trying to find more info on this talented young crew. Do you know if they have a website? I need to ask Ian or Jim, those guys always seem to know whats going on!



  3. Hey, Samuel! Yes, the bottom photo you took … so it’s now officialy “(c) 2007 Samuel Lippke” … the others were taken with my camera by me or by friends.

    There’s no website that I’m aware of, but those guys can get you more information. Great pix last year, thanks!


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