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Maasai Chickens!

Posted on Jul 9, 2012 by in Wedding World Tour | 0 comments

For those of you who didn’t follow our “Maasai Chicken Challenge” last year … a quick background. On our third wedding of our “Wedding World Tour” last year, we were adopted by an amazing Maasai tribe (we made them a site: Times were tough, as cattle is becoming increasingly hard to raise there for many reasons. We asked how we could help, and getting them started raising chickens was a solution. So we told our Facebook friends: $6/chicken, how many do you want to give? We had many donors, and got the project going … which we found was much harder than we thought it would be. Anyway … long story longer. Here’s the most recent update on the chickens, from our brother and famed Maasai warrior, Sekerot:

“First i will tell you about the chicken project, we are now doing well with it, we are getting eggs and soon we shall be getting chicks. I have planted two acres of corn in order to use it as feed for the hens as well as for the family, i have sold all the corkrel and bought some goats. I have done this to reduce the price of the chicken feed until i havest the corn then i will buy more hens. Now i have 60 hens, and i have relocated them close to where we live at oloolaimutia centre because at the camp we lost lots of hens to some wild cats and striped mongoose. 15 of them were killed in two occasions.

They are now safe because Tereza and i are personaly taking care of them.”


Maasai at Leganishu Chicken Challenge

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