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Supermoon! May 5, 2012 in Orange County, CA

Posted on May 6, 2012 by in Daily Life | 0 comments

“Fly me to the moon…”

The song says it all … as I (with great fortune) captured a plane on approach at SNA (Orange County’s John Wayne airport) passing directly ?in front of the much discussed (but not all that incredible) “supermoon”. The time was about 8:45pm, so just about exactly the time the moon was at it’s closest (perigee) to the earth for this year. First, our supposed supermoon, alone:

May 5 2012 Supermoon moon at perigee

The next two shots show a smaller jetliner, landing gear down, on approach to SNA … I haven’t figured out if the light at the middle of the plane is moonlight (is that “supermoonlight”?) showing through the window, or a light on the plane. It doesn’t appear in the second image, though, so I suspect that it’s supermoonlight.

May 5 2012 Supermoon moon at perigee interesting

May 5 2012 Supermoon moon at perigee with plane in front

And while I was upon the rooftop I grabbed a few images of the Santa Ana watertower and the incoming Amtrak train (Santa Ana station):

Santa Ana water tower May 2012

Santa Ana water tower May 2012

and an art photo of the moving train:

Santa Ana Amtrak station art image train coming into station

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