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Return from Maasailand

Posted on Feb 24, 2011 by in Wedding World Tour | 2 comments

Maasai Wedding of April and Jason (Nasieku and Saruni Ole Mpeti)

We return to “civilization” today not as “April Malina Niedle and Jason Niedle,” but as “Saruni Ole Mpeti and Nasieku Nne Mpeti.” These are the names that have been given us by Kenya’s historic Maasai tribe in our unbelievable ceremony with them. They have adopted us into their culture, and so I return with a new brother and friend, and April with a new sister and friend, and all of us with new family, from a ceremony that was as traditional as it was deep. And while I would love now to tell the bittersweet tale of finding new family overnight, and departing from them just as quickly, I am severely lacking sleep and still needing to book a hotel in Athens, download 1000+ photos, and choose a few photos quickly to post below.

(I had this romantic notion of posting full updates and details on the blog as we went along. That, though, would have taken as much time as our experiences have, and so just these short updates for now, and longer updates with more pictures to follow.)

We are currently at Mara Serena for our last night in Kenya before heading out via Emirates to Dubai. We are safe. We are happy. We miss our new family, but they have also left us many things to think about with you, our existing family and community. For now, a couple of photos from our Maasai ceremony.

Maasai Wedding of April and Jason (Nasieku and Saruni Ole Mpeti)

Jason and Best Man Sekerot Ole Mpeti at the Maasai Wedding of April and Jason (Nasieku and Saruni)


  1. How cool was that? Incredible photos, ( once in a lifetime), and that was just one of your “stops”. Can’t wait to take a week to hear all the stories.

    Love you

  2. LOVE these photos! Simply amazing. When you come back you must have a photo party and invite me over! I’d love to hear more about your experiences and the love shared between people within all of these cultures. xox

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