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Wedding World Tour Update

Posted on Feb 17, 2011 by in Wedding World Tour | 0 comments

It’s now late night on the 17th of February, and not only is internet access sparse out here, but having time and electricity to sit at a computer is also nearly impossible.

Tomorrow is our Thai wedding (the second of 4 ceremonies in our Wedding World Tour), and we have to be up in 6 hours. I’m beyond exhausted, but I’m trying to somehow keep up on this. I know that when we go out into the Mara in Kenya we won’t have any internet, so there will be a big gap. I owe full explanations for everything — which I will do by separate posts — and lots of pictures. But for now, here’s a recap of where we’re at as well as a few unedited pictures.

Day 1 & 2: amazing flights on Emirates, blogged about earlier.

Day 3 (Feb 15): First day in Chiang Mai … took a sightseeing tour, visited the most amazing, spiritual place either of us have ever been to, Doi Suthep.

Day 4 (Feb 16): Another experience-of-a-lifetime: getting to know an elephant, cleaning her (him in April’s case), riding him to a pool, swimming with elephants in the pool (absolutely amazing!), an incredible lunch, then riding back … plus spending time with a 5-day old baby elephant, born on our first wedding day.

Day 5 (Feb 17): Today was a Thai cooking class, very fun! Then the journey to Lampang, where we met up with Mom Marcia and Jack. We got fitted for Thai wedding outfits, which was outrageous. I felt like a King, and April a Thai Princess.

Here are a few unedited pix of above:

This was the pre-flight champagne. She was amazing, we got to talk a lot and will keep in touch I’m sure… fantastic Emirates service!

Emirates Business Class

All I can say was that their food was great … yes, that’s seared ahi.

Emirates Business Class

I think we were REALLY lucky to get in to this temple after dark. It was amazing, more later:

Doi Suthep, the most spiritual place either of us have experienced.

The elephants were like begging dogs after lunch, because they knew that they would get our sticky rice and bananas. It was pandemonium (in the best way) as they rushed our hut to get food:

Feeding elephants at Patara Elephant Farm

The elephants playing in the water, just feet from where I was standing:

Elephants playing in pool at Patara Elephant Farm

Baan Orapin, our hotel in Chiang Mai:

April at Baan Orapin

Us in our Thai cooking garb at the cooking school:

Thai Cooking Farm

Yes, I look terrible after a long day’s journey … but the suit will be amazing for our wedding tomorrow… and you’ll just have to wait and see April’s!

Jason tries on wedding suit in Lampang

More as I can, leave those comments!



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