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Creative Offering: an overview

Posted on Jul 14, 2010 by in Creative Offering | 0 comments

I’ve had several people lately ask me about my new non-profit, Creative Offering. What is it? How does it work?

I’m an artist and my fiancee is a musician. She and I wanted to somehow make a difference in the world, but we didn’t want to just send a check to charity. We looked for places where we could donate what we’re good at, and there were none. So we founded … a place that anyone can go to make a difference in the world by donating their time or talent.

For example:

  • A band could donate a free concert for the right cause,
  • A celebrity or DJ could offer to plug the right charity a certain number of times,
  • A doctor could (and just did!) donate his time for surgery for a kid,
  • Or what I just offered is a portrait sessions for families facing a terminal illness

But the creatively conceived donations to charity  can be anything. Yesterday we had a massage therapist sign up, and recently I had a college student ask if she could just offer to read books to kids.

We’re the place that people can fulfill their dream of GIVING BACK … and in return, you not only get to feel GREAT, but you can get testimonials, resume or portfolio work, new contacts for potential jobs … and we even have contests for the highest givers. (For example, the first giver to improve 100,000 lives will get an around-the-world trip for two!)

And if you can’t think of what to offer, there’s an “idea bank” with ideas ready to just DO already.

The site is in BETA right now, meaning it’s almost — but not quite — complete. We’re in a contest with Pepsi right now to help resolve that, though. If we get enough votes here, we get $50k in funding to finish up the site and get the publicity rolling.

So please go check out and make an Offering of your own!

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this idea, your offerings, or your questions.

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