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Four hours

Posted on Nov 17, 2009 by in India 2009 | 2 comments

Four hours. That’s how long I’ve got until it’s time to wake up and begin this journey in earnest.

April is 7 of the 11 hours to London, probably asleep over the north pole right about now, and I’m up in LA sleeping in her old bed, closer to LAX and my 7am flight to Chicago.

Since I haven’t written for so long, I guess a bit of catching up is in order: By blind chance — or more likely divine fate — I met my soulmate about a year ago. (And when I say ‘soulmate’. I’m not just trying to be romantic … we are like the same person split at birth and reunited decades later.) In August, after dating a whole 8 months, we realized that there’s no stopping the freight train of fate and got engaged.

Fast-forward a few months, and I become the lucky recipient of a British Airways “Face of Opportunity” promotional ticket anywhere in the world they fly. (Thank you, BA!!)

I chose India in order to develop a website that has been germinating in my mind (purpose: to change the way peoe give to charities an improve 1 million lives and more per year… more later on that.) And, so in just a few hours I begin the trip: first to Chicago (thanks, Crista, for the ride!!), then onto London, another 10.5 hours to Bangalore, and then a domestic flight (Indian domestic, should I be concerned?) to Kerala District, in the south.

I’m tired, but excited, wondering how I’ll weather the 30-something hours in the air, looking forward to working on the website along the way. I’ll post as we have Internet (why does the iPhone believe that word should be capitalized?), maybe even talking my little Luddite into a post here or there also. Next stop … Chicago, and our chartered 747 networking flight.


  1. How exciting. I keep forgetting you’ve left and try to call. I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures. I love you guys!

  2. Marcia & Toni just read your blog and are excited about hearing more about your trip. Looked at slides from Chuck tonight and thought a lot about what you might enjoy seeing. What is a Luddite anyway? Stay healthy and safe – both of you. We love you. T&M

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