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Kogi BBQ at Santiago Art District

Posted on May 17, 2009 by in Loft Life | 3 comments

The famous Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck ( made an appearance at the Santiago Art District in Santa Ana last night (May 16, 2009). I waited in line a mere 1-1/2 hours for my 6 Korean BBQ short rib tacos, Korean BBQ short rib burrito, and Kimchi Quesadilla. (I hear that others waited as long as 3 hours for theirs.)

Truth be told … it was good, but not amazing. I enjoyed the different experience of the Kimchi Quesadilla, but I’m not a huge Kimchi fan, and so probably wouldn’t order it again. The tacos were good — quite good — but not sure that they were worth 1.5 hours in line. We also had a desert — for the life of me I couldn’t understand what they called it, but it sounded like a “Roofie Sandwich”. It was more like an Orea outside with a buttery, sweet cream filling on the inside, like a big cookie. I loved it — but my friends Missy and Stacia seemed to think it was just okay. I ordered the burrito to save for tonight, so we’ll see how that is later.

I did enjoy the crowd, and the Kogi staff on the truck was great. It’s definitely worth a try, and even worth waiting … if only for the spectacle of it all. Hopefully they’ll come down again, I’d even wait one more time to try the other dishes on the menu…

Kogi Korean BBQ at Santiago Art District


  1. I miss the tacos and the fun!

  2. Oh yeah… the line… the wait… the killer yummy smell… and the spectacle of it all…
    Shall we plan a Block-Party-BBQ soon @736?
    Miss you too!

  3. Hey thats a view of my garage at 731. Great pics! Makes us look even better than we do! Truely great shots, all of them on the blog. Your blog comes up first on any Santiago Loft image search. Good work. Do you mind if I use a couple of your pics on my galleries Facebook?\KAVIKAWORKS

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