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Found Photos – Thanksgiving

Posted on Dec 1, 2008 by in Daily Life | 2 comments

Just a few photos recently found of a long-past Thanksgiving (approximately 4 days ago, I think) … mostly my little nephew Branson, now 20-months old (and who said my name for the first time that day):

Branson Thanksgiving 2008

Branson Thanksgiving 2008

Branson Thanksgiving 2008

My mom, when my grandmother passed away, found some very old silverware hidden in the wall of her house. Turns out silverware was most likely coin silver that had been in our family since sometime before 1885. Until Thanksgiving 2008, no one had eaten with it for at least 30-40 years. Definitely an interesting touch …

Antique Thanksgiving Silverware

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008


  1. who was digging thru the walls? and what a great find! btw… your nephew’s eyes are an amazing color. he’s gonna be a knockout when he grows up.

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