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A late night walk…

Posted on Apr 30, 2008 by in Daily Life, Loft Life, Photoshop How To's | 1 comment

I thought I’d take a late night walk and play with the camera for a few minutes. I got lucky and a train was going by (well, I had to run and barely caught the tail end of it) and got this 30 second exposure of Santa Ana Blvd. I’ll have to go again and get a close-up of the gates going up next time:

Santa Ana Train Station California

I turned around for another 25 or 30 second exposure for this dramatic street-corner view of the Santiago Street Lofts.

I think this is the better shot of the two, clearly.

Santiago Street Lofts Santa Ana California Night View

I was trying to see what could be doing using Photoshop’s HDR (high dynamic range) module … you take a photo at 3 different exposures (okay, too dark, and too light) and you’re then supposed to be able to use Photoshop to recombine those images and pull out the best details of each into a new and spectacular image. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well at all with what I was trying to do. I’ll have to try HDR again some other time … since it’s all the rage right now. (It’s actually overly trendy and overly done, but I’ve seen some amazing black & white photos where all the additional detail gives the feeling of an old-school silver print … and that’s what I’d like to create.)

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