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Turkish Coffee

Posted on Mar 11, 2008 by in Daily Life, Loft Life | 3 comments

turkish coffee as shot with the iphone

Yet another reason to love my neighbors this week is the freshly brewed, hand-delivered Turkish coffee of one of our “artists in residence” James. (Unfortunately, I don’t know James’ last name nor his website, but his art is fantastic. When I figure it out I’ll post a link). Anyway, who know that there was Rose Water (among other things) in Turkish coffee?

On the downside, you’re only supposed to drink a little 2oz cup of the stuff. But I only had a regular cup (not the one shown above), which James warned before filling: “Don’t drink the whole thing unless you’re really looking for a caffeine high.” I wasn’t, but I did. Now, either the world is really slow or I’m going really fast. Probably the latter.

Maybe that explains the 3 blog posts in one week.


  1. Ah James (Shilaimon) and his endless bag of goodies.
    Haven’t tried his Turkish coffee, but his baklava is fantastic.

    Wonderful neighbor and fantastic artist indeed.

    Here’s his site:

  2. Yes, traditionally, you shouldn’t consume the grounds at the bottom of the cup. But some people, like my mom, can’t stop consuming it :)

    I’m writing a blog about Turkish coffee. Here’s my site:

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