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Makes you think…

Posted on Sep 23, 2007 by in Daily Life | 1 comment

This was one of those weeks that struck me hard, with some great moments, some difficult moments, and even some tragic moments … moments that I used to talk about when this blog was only friends & family, and now don’t feel comfortable airing in front of the 7000+ viewers (and some clients) each month.

But of course, whether I mention them specifically or not, those wonderful and tragic moments still exist. So I don’t have some pretty picture today, nor some photoshop tutorial, nor some random story. Mostly just questions for myself.

Time keeps passing by, but am I making the best of it? Since I can only manage my choice right now, am I making (mostly) the right decisions? And what aspects of my life am I willing to sacrifice for another? What responsibilities do I bear for the other people in my life?

But this “philosophical waxing” is too deep. Yes, it’s how I feel … but instead I’ll keep it shallow and include an image of our newest calendar. Here’s a fan from what might be The Calendar Factory’s most complicated piece of art yet, with each page consisting of a 400mb photoshop file:

Tactical Girls Calendar of machine guns and sexy girls

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  1. Love the fan, you are awesome and the art is extraordinary.

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