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Day 3…

Posted on Sep 28, 2006 by in MuscleCar 1000 | 2 comments

Okay, first of all, there’s a good (but quick) description & pix of today on the Muscle Car 1000 blog…

The coolest thing for me, though, was a very strange coincidence. As you may know, my dad passed away not too long ago. I haven’t been up to visit his house (and my stepmom Sofia, his wife) again except for the 1-year “anniversary” ceremony we did up here.

Anyway … long-story short … I fall asleep in the car, for the first time … and wake up as we are literally sputtering, about to run out of gas … we exit the freeway, and I realize we’re about 1-mile from my dad’s house. We call Sofia, and she says “come over!” She was just about to leave … we got really lucky. Anyway, I got to see her (and look at the house) for a quick 15 minutes. It was good to see her, but a little sad to walk through the house. When I walked back towards the bathroom, I somehow expected that my dad was going to come out and say HI … I could even hear his voice in my head. So it was impactful… but a good experience.


Apparently this was meant to happen, since the way things worked out we had perfect timing to pick up my good friend Doug Sakurai from the San Fran airport — again, total coincidence — on our way out of there. I’m too tired to tell the whole story, but it was quite interesting. Anyway, tomorrow is drag racing. I’m still incredible behind on video editing, but I’ve made some headway on the pix. Here’s my favorite from today:



  1. that’s really neat. glad you were able to stop. good luck editing. get caught up so i can talk to you!! i can’t wait to hear all the neat little details about everything.

  2. I love the purple flowers with the yellow background. Such perfect focus it feels like I can touch them.

    I still have times when I cry about my mom, they usually surprise me….it is usually a smell, sound, or location that sets me off. I guess it just takes time to heal. Love, Mom

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