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MC 1000, day 2

Posted on Sep 27, 2006 by in MuscleCar 1000 | 2 comments

Today was fun, but right now I’m kind of worried because I’m falling behind on pic editing and video editing, and it’s only our first full day. I -have- to have the video done by Saturday, and that means I have to be on schedule every day. Hmm… not good.

Anyway, the day started at Bacara in Santa Barbara … and after a little chaos we passed the flag man and got on the road for the first time. Mark and I ended up ahead somehow, but we stopped and got some good footage of the cars from above (as we’d stopped on an overpass.) Boring stuff, I guess, if you’re not into driving really fast, really loud, kind of smelly old cars. But the drivers all seem to be loving it. (And overall it’s a great trip so far … although a little too jam-packed with no resting spots for my tastes.)

BTW, Mark has a fun Roadrunner made in the year I was born (1971) with a 440 cc (big) engine. It’s been a great car so far, and seems to be more comfortable and pleasant than some of the other cars.

Anyway … I should be editing photos, so I’ll be quick. The day included a really beautiful drive up Highway 1 through Cambria to Hearst Castle. The castle was stunning … almost too perfect for words. It’s such a cliche, it’s even a cliche when you see it in person. (Does that make any sense?!?) We drove from there to our hotel (again, really beautiful drive) and had dinner at the caves at Eberle Winery. So now it’s 1 am, and — if I had the energy — I’d have about 3 hours of work to do before going to bed. But I don’t have the energy … maybe I’ll skip something tomorrow to get caught up …

One more thing… there was a huge tarantula running around at Hearst Castle … I know it’s not too rare, but I’ve never seen a 6-inch wide spider in nature. It was kind of cool…


  1. suddeny glad I am NOT there. Tarantula. Hard to type it let aknown see it. I think I told you about the spider in my room in Portland? Grown woman shreiking and throwing the bible at 2am…had to be rescued by night clerk. glad I didn’t have to be rescued at hearst castle. I’d have been on someone’s-anyone’s-shoulders. eek!!!!!!!

  2. saw a hugh tarantula when I was swimming in a pool. He was too close for comfort and sort of surprised me! mom

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