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MC 1000 begins!!

Posted on Sep 26, 2006 by in MuscleCar 1000 | 3 comments

Okay … so today the Muscle Car 1000 adventure has begun. In case you’re not aware, I’m lucky enough to be the official photographer/videographer on this trip from Santa Barbara up the California coast to Napa … and back. I’ll put a few thoughts here, but most updates will be listed on the “official” blog at

Sorry to have it in 2 places, but it’s too much work to put it in both places. But I’ll make sure to let you know when there’s another post, and my private reflections will be here.

Today Mark O and I drove in his 1971 Roadrunner. The trip up to Santa Barbara was great … but when we got here we heard that Chris’ car was seriously broken down, as was Mike Belitz’s car. So, we jumped in the Roadrunner to go to Napa Auto parts … and of course, it too wouldn’t start!!

Anyway… the Roadrunner is now fine, but the other cars are dead-on-arrival. Before the start of the rally… too bad.

The rest of the night was nice … a perfect sunset … fantastic dinner … and 3 hours in my room downloading video and editing pix. I can tell this is going to be a difficult trip in that regard … but fun in the days. See below for a quick self-portrait … otherwise, more tomorrow …




  1. okay I think I just jinxed you all yesterday. I was looking at the MC1000 website in the morning and I wondered out loud “what does Chris do if one of the cars break down” after all, they are older cars that don’t get driven a lot and then… ROAD TRIP!! I feel guilty!! From now on, no more thoughts like that! Beautiful pix!

  2. well that’s one way to make yourself look taller! Were you sleeping when you took the 2nd shot or just tired? mom

  3. The second shot is just me looking out over the car … not sleeping nor tired.

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