Okay, lots of things I’m behind on posting … like my grandmother, the VP’s trip, and meeting with the Endless Summer people. But for now … a video! Click here for more .

(It may not play from within your browser … so right-click and download to your desktop. It’s a .3gp file, which is a cell-phone format that plays on — I think — most computers with Quicktime.)

Tonight I saw Nine Inch Nails, with the “All Access Pass,” courtesy of Mark O. (Mark has very good connections.) It was unbelievable … one of the most intense concerts I’ve been to … very very cool. Standing there in the pit, 15 feet away from Trent — as he gave 100%, soaked in sweat … there are few things better.

So, I’m going to try and post video. It shows on my mac, but I’m not sure if it will show on PC’s or not … good luck!!