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Saturday PM: Dar Soukkar

Posted on Apr 10, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 0 comments

Dar Soukkar — I think that’s what it’s called — is a 500 year-old
sugar plantation. During it’s peak sugar had the same value as marble,
and they would trade it, pound for pound. On our final university
night, we arrived at this former plantation via a 200+ foot-long
carpeted walkway leading through… an ornate gate,
spectacularly lit, with beautiful attendants lightly tossing
rose-petals under our feet. We walk into an enormous courtyard flanked
by a dozen Moroccans holding plates of appetizers and drinks at the
ready for us, and mingle with 300 international new friends under the
perfect North African weather, while musicians play and everyone snaps
so many pictures at one point I felt famous.
The OC contingent — which was so strong that someone asked “What, are
you every other person here?!?” — was handed Fez hats by Adam Vali, so
we of course wore them. At some point I put on the Gelaba (Jelabaa?)
that I bought outside of the bus on the way over, as you’ll see in the
pix. Dinner was quite good, as opposed to most of the mediocre food
that I must sadly confess we’ve been having here. Not amazing, but
really really good. We kept finding nice surprises in the salad …
marinated beef, some kind of marinated, grilled apricot, dates … and,
well, I can’t remember.
Okay, so I can’t write anymore. I am chronically sleep-deprived, my
head is filled with all sorts of new information, and there’s a long
day tomorrow. Plus, I haven’t done any shopping and I’m now getting
worried that I won’t bring anything home for anyone, so I’ve got the
stress thing, too …
Suffice it to say (if it’s not obvious, this is my way to “quick wrap”
this blog entry) … Suffice it to say that Dar Soukkar and the final
Gala were truly incredible, and midnight came unbelievably quickly as
we headed home for our 3-4 hours of sleep before our flight to
Casablanca Sunday morning.


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