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Posted on Apr 9, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 2 comments

University continued Friday morning, with a keynote by Gary Hoover.
Gary founded (and later sold) Hoovers (, one of the
premiere information sources on companies. He’s a stunningly brilliant
futurist, but he talks in everyday terms, and makes things so
common-sensical that it’s hard not to believe what he tells you will
happen in 20 years. (Much of what he foresees … involves
the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, and I got quite a few calendar
ideas from his talk.)

Breakout sessions in time-management and the “rollercoaster stages
of business” (by one of the co-founders of 1-800-GOT JUNK) were
awesome. For lunch, instead of staying in the hotel Mark M and I went
to the main square and ate at our favorite street vendor. Then we
walked into the market until we were afraid we weren’t going to be able
to find our way out (seriously!!) and decided we better backtrack now,
or forever be stuck in the souks of Marrakech. We didn’t buy anything
…. I STILL haven’t bought anything on this trip! (Hopefully in Fez
we’ll get some good shopping done … there are some incredible lamps
and furniture here!)

We got back so that we were only a bit late for our afternoon
sessions, then headed immediately to dinner at … hmmm … oh, Le
Pacha. Le Pacha is Africa’s largest club, and this was the night that I
decided to be a drinker and therefore left my camera “home.” I ended up
taking a ton of pix with Alan Peterson’s camera, though, so hopefully
I’ll have something to post.

Le Pacha (google it, they have several of them) has a huge outdoor area
with cool lighting, our logo on the wall, and an surface-level pool
with an “island” in the middle that the band plays on. Open bar and
tons of appetizers made me very, very happy. Even the bathrooms were
hip, as you end up peeing into a 5 foot tall semi-circular private
waterfall. Later we went from our private area to the club area, where
me, Eddie, Eden, Stacie, Boaz, Alan and more danced for quite a

Around 3 am Alan and I were the only EOers around (although the club
was jam packed), and so we decided to have a taxi take us to eat “where
there are no tourists … no tourists, locals only!” as Alan kept
telling the driver in French. We ended up in the middle of nowhere, and
sure enough there was on open outdoor cafe serving various meats. Oddly
enough, as I sat down to eat I saw Stacie, Boaz, Eddie and Eden
leaving. Like the loud, drunk fool american I was at the time, I ran
across the street and jumped up on the normally boisterous Boaz.
“Discrete, Jason … be discrete,” he said … and for that to come out
of Boaz’s mouth, I knew I was in trouble…

Anyway, nothing came out of it, and so we sat and ate street beef,
sausage, chicken and french fries with the local Marrakechis … then
went to the nightclub underneath our hotel. That place, by the way, was
astounding in the fact that nearly every single woman in there was in
love with me, and made it clear instantly by the attention they paid,
and by them asking me what I was doing later. Either that, or it was
full of Moroccan working girls… I’m not quite sure. Needless to say
(I hope it’s needless to say!!) we left quickly … and ended up
(alone, silly) in bed around 4 or so.


  1. It must’ve been all that “street” meat you had. Moroccan girls can’t keep their hands off a man wearing eau de meat. That or it just made you delusional. Haha Just kidding ; )

  2. Keep away from the whores please.

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