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Tuesday: Seville to Tangier and beyond…

Posted on Apr 6, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 0 comments

Tuesday morning came early, and we knew that we had a potentially
difficult trip out. We got a little bit of a late start, checked out of
our hotel, and went to the main cathedral to see the rest of it. (We’d
only seen the private “chapel,” which is maybe 1/8th of the church,
during the services.) So we get there, and the coolest thing — by far
— is seeing the tomb of … Cristobol Colon. Yes, in
Engish, that’s the tomb of THE Christopher Columbus. Wow …. are there
really any more important historical figures? Not many … it was
fantastic, although to get anything useful out of the pictures will
take a lot of work, as there was no light and thousands of people.

A nice long walk through the city ends us up picking up our luggage
at the hotel and grabbing a taxi to the bus station … the beginning
of a long journey to Marrakech.

The taxi leads to a bus to Tarifa, the bus leads to a ferry that
goes to Tangier, and a relatively hairy ride in a Grand Taxi through
Tanger (their spelling) leads us to the very nice, very new train
station. We eat our first Moroccan food at the train station cafe ….
the food is okay, and the people (thus far) very friendly. We jump on
the train with our new-found friend Andy, and quickly fall asleep for
the trip to Marrakech.


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