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technology is amazing

Posted on Apr 1, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 1 comment

(11 pm Friday … somewhere between Barcelona and Granada) So I’m sitting on the top bunk of a sleeper car, my laptop plugged in, talking to Sephy (sp?), some cool guy from Amsterdam who is just finishing 3 months in Barcelona. It’s amazing that I can type this blog entry, and the next time I hook up to the internet it will automatically post.

What I need to do is go sort through the 600 (!) pictures I took today (most at that photoshoot with a local model) and figure out which are good so I can put them up on the blog when I
get there. I tried to send a picture via the email feature, but the picture turned into text, and was like 50 pages that I had to go back and delete … so I don’t think that I’ll try that again.

Anyway, I’m super tired (again!) but I guess I should write about today a bit. (If not for you, then for me, because I have such a terrible memory and this is basically like my journal.) So … we got up, had a great little breakfast in the hotel (eggs, 2 kinds of chorizo sausages, cheeses, pain au chocolat, really really good espresso) and went to the marketplace. Boqueira, I think it was called, was absolutely overwhelming in the scope of fruits, vegetables, and very openly exposed dead animals. (I think the rabbit carcasses, with their bulging eyes, stripped naked of all the fur, were the most disturbing.)

After that, I met up with Isabel, and we jumped on the Metro (another fun experience) and went to Park G=FCell, which is an enormous park designed by the architect that defined Barcelona, Guad=ED. His work was done in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and defined the modern look, especially the art nouveau style. It’s all kind of funky, but was so far ahead of his time that it’s incredible.

Anyway, probably the most fun aspect of the shoot was getting to hear her “local” stories of Barcelona. I think we got some good photos — there wasn’t a bad background anywhere in the park — and it will be fun to look through all the pix from today and edit some later. I can’t say enough great things about the Park … you’ll just have to see it, it was crazy.

After that, I jumped back on the Metro and — thanks to getting a cell phone up and working — found M & M again. We jumped on this Autobus Touristica that takes you around town to see the sights. It was cool to get a great overview of the city, and we saw pretty much everything. We got off at the Joan Miro Museum — another incredible Barcelona modern artist — and walked through there before finishing our bus tour, walking back to the hotel, and rushing like mad to get on the train (which, of course, was 1/2 hour late anyway) where I’m sitting here typing to you.

But now … as usual … it’s time for bed. I’m on the top bunk toward the back of the train … so imagine which direction I roll every time the train slows down or stops … and hope that I don’t fall the 5-6 feet to the floor tonight.

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  1. You make me laugh every time you write! How do you get your pictures to blur? mom

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