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Friday in Barcelona

Posted on Mar 31, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 2 comments

(Friday at 8:30pm, Barcelona) Only have a minture here, as we’re just at the hotel collecting our bags on the way to the train station. The day was great, though … did a photoshoot with a local model, toured the town, saw an incredible marketplace of food, which Mark (chef) called “The best food market he’s ever seen.” He was totally blown away. Heading out to the sleeper train now … will post pictures as I can!


  1. Hey!!! This is awesome–way better than occasional random, confusing emails during the trip.

    I have to warn you, though. If you post pics of beautiful shoes this trip, you may want to consider some follow through!

  2. Hahahaha … shoes, haven’t seen any great ones yet. Actually … NO great souvenir things … I haven’t bought anybody anything yet!

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