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World’s Oldest iPhone

Posted on Oct 26, 2008 by in Daily Life | 4 comments

I’ve been telling people that I had the world’s oldest iPhone … iPhone Number One, as far as I can tell. But I finally figured out how to PROVE it, now that there are screenshots available on the phone. See here (absolutely no Photoshop was used on this image.) :

Worlds Oldest iPhone Screen Shot of Stopwatch

So … according to my calculations, this iPhone was made on August 28th, 2001. Yes, 2001.

I wonder if this voids the one-year warranty?


  1. if it was was built on oct. 28, 2001, why did it take 8 years to prove you have the worlds oldest iphone? and when you answer, give a reasonable answer. the iphone pic. doesnt look old at all.

  2. Hello, Ellen!

    It took me 8 years to prove it because Apple only now introduced the ability to do screen-shots. (Sounds reasonable enough to me.)

    Well, it’s either that, or perhaps my iPhone has a bug in the stopwatch application.

    But I AM glad to hear that you think my iPhone pic doesn’t look old — if nothing else, at least my film has weathered the test of time.

  3. But the first iPhone released in 2007 right ? So how come??

  4. Just a bug in the stopwatch application … not really the oldest iPhone.

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