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Food around the world

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by in Daily Life | 3 comments

My cousin Jake was here a few weeks back. We were supposed to go to Europe together, but for various reasons the trip didn’t happen. So we decided that if we couldn’t go around the world, we would at least eat around the world.

Here’s the list of what we had in his first few days here (I stopped tracking after about 5 days), all local to central Orange County. It’s pretty amazing what you can find in just a small area:

Venezuelan Arepas
Turkish Coffee
Japanese Pub Food (Yakitori)
Mexican Mesquite Grill
Persian Kabobs
“Mediterranean” (whatever the restaurant meant by that)
American BBQ
Californian (CPK, does that count?)
Japanese (sushi)
Mexican taco stand

I wish I could remember the rest … but not bad for just a few days in suburbia…


  1. no… CPK doesn’t count

  2. Hmm…, I wonder where the Turkish coffee came from….

    Impressive list.

    Ethnic diversity is very important to my other half & I – Variety is indeed the spice of life in our book : )
    We love the fact that at any given time, whatever Ethnic foods we crave, we can visit any city in the OC
    and indulge in some of the most authentic immigrant cuisine around and would like for more groups to have a stronger presence.

    Next time Jake is in town, you may want to try:

    You may also want to try taking him to the original Farmers Market in LA. We LOVE going there – Tons of great restaurants under one huge umbrella.

    I’m sure I missed a good 25 to 30 groups….

    Oh, and the best Brazilian caipiroskas this side of Copacabana at the ‘Two Doors Down Cafe’ – you don’t even have to drive! : )

  3. Yes, look how many we DIDN’T make it to!

    We did do KOREAN, an amazingly good place called Shik Do Rak in Garden Grove … but missed all those and more, including simple Chinese food. Next time, right? Thanks for the tips!

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