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Posted on Jul 29, 2008 by in Daily Life | 2 comments

Yes, once again I’ve been remiss on regular blog updates. So, to add insult to injury, I’m only going to this old picture that I stumbled upon earlier this week. Here we have Patrick Swayze:

Patrick Swayze

This was taken at a Grammy after-hours party that I was shooting for an alcohol company… I think there are a couple of other pictures of Swayze — and a few of Brian McKnight — but one bad celebrity picture is plenty for today.


  1. aww… nice….
    he’s beating the odds, my friend… and i am so happy for him…
    did you see ‘To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything’? he was hilarious as Julie Newmar. let me know if you want to watch it and we can all have a dinner and movie night at my place.

  2. quick correction: he played Vida Boheme – it’s been a while i watched this film : )

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