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It just wasn’t meant to be…

Posted on Jun 13, 2008 by in Daily Life | 0 comments

Have you ever had those times when no matter what you did, it just wasn’t meant to be?

I was determined to watch the Lakers vs Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight. But I was supposed to do some consulting. Consulting gets cancelled … perfect! But then dinner plans interrupt. So I Tivo (not actually Tivo brand, but who uses DVR as a verb?) … I record the game.

Post-dinner: It’s 11pm, and I’ve managed to be on news blackout so that I don’t hear the final score. I head to the Tivo and watch the game, most of it anyway, the Lakers up by 24 early, then losing their lead. As the Celtics make a huge and dramatic comeback … and finally tie up the game with about 8 minutes to go … I realize that my Tivo only has 11 minutes of recording time left. There’s no way that the last 8 minutes of a basketball came can be seen in 11 minutes … more like 16 minutes. Damn it. The Tivo stopped recording before the end of the game … with only about 2 minutes left of gameplay!

But, I think, at least I can watch the next 6 minutes of the game, and maybe find a way to watch the last couple of minutes online. But no … right then the TV — my beloved 42-inch flat screen HD beauty — right then it POPS and I smell something … and sure enough: It’s dead. Yes, seriously, the TV just keels over dead at this point.

I begin to search the internet for ways to watch replays of the games, but I’m trying to search without coming across news about TONIGHT’s game, because knowing the final score of course pretty much kills the fun of watching the last 5 minutes of a great game. I finally end up reading someone’s play-by-play blog … but really, it’s not anywhere near the same. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

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