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Granada: Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

Posted on Apr 2, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 0 comments

Have you ever been really really tired, only to have something that
pumps SO much adrenaline through your body that you’re wide awake
seconds later? Well … that was our taxi ride home.

We were in the old section, and it’s a massive maze of very very
very narrow one-way cobblestone streets. The streets are flooded with
people, enjoying the peaceful night … until our screaming taxi,
bouncing over every little cobblestone, rounding the corners like Mario
friggin’ Andretti, SPEEDS UP when he sees them, flashes his lights,
honks his horn …. and we watch — I think at least 6 times — a
boyfriend YANK his girl’s arm and pull her out of the middle of the
street (more like an alley, really) as we careen by. It was
awesoooome…. I think Disneyland needs to make the European Old Town
Taxi Ride a new attraction, because that was insane.

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