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technology is amazing

Posted on Apr 1, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 0 comments

(11 pm Friday … somewhere between Barcelona and Granada) So I’m=20
sitting on the top bunk of a sleeper car, my laptop plugged in, talking=20=

to Sephy (sp?), some very cool guy from Amsterdam who is just finishing=20=

3 months in Barcelona. It’s amazing that I can type this blog entry,=20
and the next time I hook up to the internet it will automatically=20

What I need to do is go sort through the 600=20
(!) pictures I took today (most at that photoshoot with a local model)=20=

and figure out which are good so I can put them up on the blog when I=20
get there. I tried to send a picture via the email feature, but the=20
picture turned into text, and was like 50 pages that I had to go back=20
and delete … so I don’t think that I’ll try that again.

Anyway, I’m super tired (again!) but I guess I should write about=20
today a bit. (If not for you, then for me, because I have such a=20
terrible memory and this is basically like my journal.) So … we got=20
up, had a great little breakfast in the hotel (eggs, 2 kinds of chorizo=20=

sausages, cheeses, pain au chocolat, really really good espresso) and=20
went to the marketplace. Boqueira, I think it was called, was=20
absolutely overwhelming in the scope of fruits, vegetables, and very=20
openly exposed dead animals. (I think the rabbit carcasses, with their=20=

bulging eyes, stripped naked of all the fur, were the most=20

After that, I met up with Isabel, and we jumped on the Metro=20
(another fun experience) and went to Park G=FCell, which is an enormous=20=

park designed by the architect that defined Barcelona, Guad=ED. His work=20=

was done in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and defined the modern=20
look, especially the art nouveau style. It’s all kind of funky, but was=20=

so far ahead of his time that it’s incredible.

Anyway, probably the most fun aspect of the shoot was getting to=20
hear her “local” stories of Barcelona. I think we got some good photos=20=

— there wasn’t a bad background anywhere in the park — and it will be=20=

fun to look through all the pix from today and edit some later. I can’t=20=

say enough great things about the Park … you’ll just have to see it,=20=

it was crazy.

After that, I jumped back on the Metro and — thanks to getting a=20
cell phone up and working — found M & M again. We jumped on this=20
Autobus Touristica that takes you around town to see the sights. It was=20=

cool to get a great overview of the city, and we saw pretty much=20
everything. We got off at the Joan Mir=F3 Museum — another incredible=20=

Barcelona modern artist — and walked through there before finishing=20
our bus tour, walking back to the hotel, and rushing like mad to get on=20=

the train (which, of course, was 1/2 hour late anyway) where I’m=20
sitting here typing to you.

But now … as usual … it’s time for bed. I’m on the top bunk toward=20=

the back of the train … so imagine which direction I roll every time=20=

the train slows down or stops … and hope that I don’t fall the 5-6=20
feet to the floor tonight.=

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