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First real picture post!

Posted on Mar 30, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 7 comments

spmo01_130v2lr.jpgLooking down Placa Catalunya — the heart of the city — at sunset

Instead of cluttering up the main page, I’ll put one picture here and the rest on the seconary page … so you’ll have to click the “read the rest of the ariticle” thingy to see a few pictures from our first short afternoon in Spain. I’m very very very very very tired, so it will be short …

spmo01_105v2lr.jpgto the left is where we had our “snack” and watched people go buy
spmo01_110v2lr.jpgMark earlier today at snack time
spmo01_147v2lr.jpgMark M took this one … nice!!


  1. I’m constantly amazed by your photography skills! Will I ever get used to it and not be amazed. Hopefully not. I’m so excited for you guys. It looks beautiful and fun. I miss you. BTW, what is up with my comments not being posted right away? Whatcha afraid of? Miss you. Me.

  2. Wow … fast comments!
    Because there is a really big problem these days with “comment spam” — where people just flood your Blog with tons of selling messages — I have the server setup to have me approve people for the first time (ONLY) that they post a message.

    So your first post took until I could see it. Now any future post is immediate. Same with everyone, so now Erin, Amanda, you, Ci-Ci, Joann … you’re all approved. It’s -the rest of you- who need to write a comment now so you can be on the “posting” list.

  3. These are great pictures except that last one is kinda gross-looking.

  4. Jason, great photos as usual!! I’m totally jealous that you are back in Europe AND Africa. Mis and I totally got the travel bug for someplace exotic and you’re 100% there……and if you find a 20 pound crystal ball in Morocco, buy if for us and we’ll pay you back…you got a backpack to put it in right??? : )

  5. :-) Thanks, Rich!

  6. dear jay,
    pictures are fabulous and i am so glad your having a great time. this is incredible, being a part of your vacation. love dana

  7. Again, you are very good at this…and Shawna don’t embass Jason

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