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dinner in barcelona

Posted on Mar 30, 2006 by in 2006 Spain Morocco | 3 comments

For a moment there we wondered if heading down a dark, small alley
and being surrounded by a not-so-good looking group of guys was a bad
idea…. a really really bad idea. When they started following us as we
looked for the restaurant that was recommended to us, we knew it
probably was.

As the main the guy led us “to the restaurant,” he asked if were police … then quickly
figured out that we were just dumb Americans. At that point he proceed to offer us the
best “blow” in town … which we promptly declined and rushed into the
restaurant (which he was actually leading us to!) …

The restaurant was incredible: Taller de Tapas
( was simply amazing. We had 18 (!!!) dishes,
which Chef Mark ranked an 18 out of 20. The dishes included Butter
Poached Spot Prawns; Artichoke Chips; Veal Entrecote; Wild Musrooms;
Salt Cod; Sliced Prosciutto; Grilled Sardines; Croquette de Jambon;
Catalan Creme Brulee; Walnut Ice Cream; Profiteroles …. oh, and a
bottle of Spanish wine, beer, and followed-up with Spanish Orange
Desert Wine.


  1. One word to all of it, “Damn!”

  2. Oh … and I forgot to mention, the -entire- bill for this world-class meal for the 3 of us, including wine, and including about 2-3 times the amount of food we needed (Mark M is testing things for his upcoming menus) … the whole meal was 100 euro, or about $120. Not bad, really, especially considering how -crazy expensive- stuff is here.
    Speaking of which … guess how much a Coke was in Paris? $6 for ONE bottle of Coke … no refills, and no friggin’ ice!!!!

  3. How much is a diet coke? with ice?

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